Blended Food Through The Tube!

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Frequently asked questions

Which blender do I need for a blended diet?

Usually a professional grade blender is recommended to be able to break down the food enough to go down a G or J-tube. Any vitamix or Blendtec is fine. If you use a lower grade blender you might have to blend longer and/or strain the blend.

I can’t afford a blender, how can I get a blender?

Vitamix and Blendtech have hardship programs; you should contact both companies for more information. You can also buy refurbished blenders for quite a bit cheaper than new but still with a great warranty. Ebay is also an option.

My doctor/dietitian told me that I can’t push a blended diet down a g-tube that is smaller than a 14fr.

This is incorrect. With the right blender you can push a blended diet through a size as small as a 6fr. I know this because I pushed a blended diet down my son’s 6fr NG tube for four months before he got his 14fr G-tube.

My doctor recommends formula for my tubie, why is real food so much better?

Our bodies were made to digest real food and not live off of a canned corn syrup based formula. Here is a video I made comparing a popular formula to real food. Here is a great blog discussing the downfall of formula.

My child is throwing up and having a lot of reflux whenever I give formula feeds. Will this improve if I switch to a blended diet?

Almost every single child that I've helped transition to real food has a notable improvement in reflux and vomiting. Formula is made of mostly corn syrup and humans are not meant to live off of corn syrup. There are a small percentage of children that need a lot of fine tuning because of poor bowel routines and food and volume sensitivities but once these issues are addressed, even the most sensitive children show improvements.​

I have other children that don’t have a G-tube and I know what to feed them, why can’t I feed my child with a G-tube in the same way.

Unless your tubie needs a specialized diet you can feed your child in the same way that you feed your other children except you will just put it in the blender.

My tubie is my only child, how do I know what to feed my child?

The page called “Everything you need to start” goes over what you would give in a daily blend according to age based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.

Is there a video that I can watch that can help me get started?

Yes, my "Blended diets 101" video is free to watch and can get you started on a blended diet for your tubie.