Blended Food Through The Tube!

On December 8th, 2016 D passed away, after just finding out weeks before that he had cancer. We are devastated and overwhelmed with pain at his loss.

Blenderized RN will continue to do the work that D started.

The Blenderized RN story

I started my nursing career in Canada where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Athabasca University and graduated with honors. I currently live in America and I am enrolled in grad school at Northwestern University. I have written and passed both the Canadian Registered Nursing Exam and the American NCLEX-RN; both on the first try.

I have a certification in dialysis and have worked in many adult surgical departments ranging from neurotrauma to thoracic surgery and urology (to name a few).  I also worked in med/surg and floated through the emergency department in a busy Las Vegas hospital.

I have a son named “D” with my husband David; D has cobblestone lissencephaly, severe global delay, tracheomalacia and chronic lung disease. He suffered from an array of seizures, including infantile spasms and tonic clonic seizures, which have been stopped by a seizure control diet that I created for him.

When D lost his ability to eat, due to seizures, we were told that our only option was formula. He was vomiting day and night and I kept being assured that this was a result of his brain malformation. We were also told that he shouldn’t be fed through his stomach, because of his vomiting and reflux, and that he needed a J-tube or TPN.

We were in such a horrible place at that point in our lives; D wasn’t sleeping for more than an hour at a time, our house was turning into more of a hospital than a home and we were all exhausted. One night, while sleeping on the floor of my living room, I woke up and I decided that this couldn’t be the best his life can get. I needed to stop his vomiting, improve his sleep and stop his seizures! I wanted to try real food!

Every nutritionist we saw recommended formula and all it did was make my son sick. I questioned this recommendation after reading the ingredients on the back of my son's canned formula. My medical experience told me that formula was not the best solution. Using my nursing background, I researched different cultural healing foods and ingredients that aide in digestion. I studied papers written by neurologists that considered nutrition and learned that special needs children are extra sensitive to certain foods and sometimes require a very basic diet.

Shortly after starting a blended diet we were referred to a specialized ketogenic dietitian. She wanted to place D on a ketogenic formula. After noticing that the formula was using corn starch and lactose as it’s source of carbohydrates I thought “he can’t live off of this!”

After months of research I came up with a recipe for a seizure control blends that meets all nutritional requirements. I started with a ketogenic diet and found that he was having a hard time tolerating it but he did have a slight reduction in seizures. It took about 6 more months of research and fine-tuning his diet and he is now seizure free on a low glycemic index treatment (LGIT) mixed with a modified Atkins diet (MAD).

Since October 2014: Has not had a single tonic clonic seizure

Since May 2015: Has not had a single infantile spasm

Since May 2015: Has not had ANY seizures


Now D is mostly sleeping though the night and is much more alert and happy during the day. He eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack and loves having a full tummy. He hasn’t vomited since I switched him over to my blenderized diet and his reflux is at a minimum. His height and weight are above the 90th percentile and he is enjoying being able to play and laugh now.

One of our many visits to the PICU in 2014

Here, a seizure free, much happier and alert D!

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