Blended Food Through The Tube!

Vitamins, minerals and low & high dose vitamin D3.

Feeding syringes (please note the type of syringe tip you prefer as the products may differ).

Products for constipation (must have doctor's approval).

For a great selection of O-ring feeding syringes please visit the Squirrel Store here.

Here are the products that are in the meal plans created by Blenderized RN. Please have your child's doctor approve of any supplements before giving them.

All of the food items have been hand selected by Veronica Brill RN BSN because they are organic, or free of unnecessary unnatural ingredients, and/or sweeteners.

Blenders (refurbished and new).

Coconut oils (unrefined).

Fiber, seeds and grains.

Nursing Services

Protein powders. Vegan, whey and bone broth protein (for volume issues).

Powdered fruit and vegetables (for volume issues). I love this brand because it has no extra ingredients!