Blended Food Through The Tube!

Nursing Services

Blended Diet Services (included with every meal plan)

Complete meal plan with accurate calories including proteins, fats, carbs and nutrients.

Clinical nutritional assessment.

Supplement suggestions to make the meal plan complete (if needed).

Complete transition plan to real food.

Initial consultation. 

Support through email, Skype (BlenderizedRN) and Facebook messenger.

Letter to child’s pediatrician reflecting change in diet and copy of meal plan.

Two updates to meal plan as child grows.

Independence plan.

Price List for blended diet meal plans

Regular diet with no restrictions + consultation - $100
Regular diet with many sensitivities + consultation - $100
Dairy free regular diet + consultation - $100
Gluten free regular diet + consultation - $100
Vegan diet + consultation - $100
Metabolic disorders + consultation $125 

Renal diets + consultation - $125

Seizure control diets

Regular diet with seizure control goals + consultation $125
Low Glycemic Index Treatment (LGIT) + consultation $125
Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) + consultation $125
Ketogenic diet (KD) + consultation $125

“Assess my blend” $25
You have an existing blend and you’d like to know if it is correct for macronutrients and/or micronutrients, calories, proteins, fats, carbs and correct fluid amounts per day. You’d like increased options and variety and any suggestions to improve your blend.

No consultation with this service

This is also a good option if you like your blends but need a few adjustments to deal with constipation or other issues.

If you'd like a consult please fill in the form below and you will be contacted with a consultation date and time. All consults are over Skype or telephone.

​Please let Blenderized RN know if you can not afford the fee so that you may still receive the service.

You will also have to download and sign the Disclaimer of Liability form.

Having a child that needs to be fed through a gastric tube can be difficult. You know as a parent that real food is the best thing for your little one but most medical professionals tell you to give them formula. Well I am here to tell you that not only can you give your child real food through their G-tube but that you SHOULD give them real food.

My ingredients are simple and so is the diet. I will try to get you to the many important goals that you probably already have; eating at regular times during the day, not eating at night, gaining a healthy amount of weight, reducing reflux and vomiting and trying to make your child as healthy as possible.

My plan is always to start out slow; allow the child to first tolerate the food, make sure that their calories, protein and nutrient needs are being met and then include more of a variety of foods.

Please note that even if the screen goes blank, after submitting the form, your information will still be sent to Blenderized RN. If you have any concerns please email

I'm here to help with your child's transition to a blended diet

Nursing Services